Business Services

"I would like to spend just 15 minutes in Kadalia's brain to understand how it ticks. She sees things differently. She has helped my organisation minimize wastage thereby improving our profit margins".

"Begin with the end in mind" Kadalia has been the first person to tell me this. On a limited budget she still find the time to accommodate me and constantly generate new business ideas to capture my customers attention.


"At times of serious illnesses or death (as was my case) I was overcome with grief. Death benefit was never something I thought about however upon the loss of my loved one I received a call to submit documents. A short while later I was called to sign documents to receive the insurance benefit.  Kadalia works beyond the call of duty".

"I needed my Car Insurance urgently, Kadalia made the process a seamless one. She collected my documents provided me with quotes from various Insurance Companies . I made a decision to go with (insurer name withheld) and my certificate of insurance was in my hand the same day."

"If anyone can work diligently for you that person is Kadalia... I think she never sleeps (maybe she does but I really don't know when). She was ill yet came to my premises to assist with house insurance"

Offline Employment

It is simply amazing! I sent Kadalia my resume and had an interview the following day. If I were to describe my experience in one word I will say "exceptional"

"I could not find gainful employment. I then contacted Kadalia,whom I have know since school days, she assisted me in writing a winning resume and I was afforded the opportunity to use her as a reference. Soon after I was called in for an interview and secured the position. Kadalia means performance and performance beats old talk"

Online Employment

"It has been 3 weeks since I've started working online with Optimalitypro. The level of dedication and support is refreshing"

"If I could describe my online income experience over the past few weeks I would say it was and continue to be amazing"

"Never before did I know I could be paid for clicking ads. It is so simple. I spent hours per day online on social media sites but now I am being paid for clicking ads for a maximum of 5 minutes per day."

Security Services


"Oh my gosh... Kadalia has really better her best by negotiating great deals for Optimalitypro members. Thank you! We appreciate all that you've done!"